Model 2400

Tridak® Model 2400 High-Pressure Filling System

Simplify High-Viscosity Filling and Achieve High Production Rates

The Tridak® Model 2400 high-pressure filling system accurately fills packages with extremely high-viscosity materials such as dental composites and restoratives. Due to “fillers”, composition and tackiness, these materials can be difficult to dispense and can clog typical filling machines.

The system is semi-automated and bench-top mounted. It consists of the base system and a refillable cartridge/piston assembly that holds bulk material, allowing it to be prepared off-line and permitting the user to conveniently store it for future use.

Tridak fabricates nozzles that precisely match the packages being filled.


Part Number:
T10095 – Model 2400 high-pressure filling system   RFQ

Reservoir Size:
900 mL

Required Electrical Power:
110 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Required Air:
Clean, dry, non-lubricated air operating pressure of 60-90 psi [4-6 bar]

Dimensions (W x H x L):
18 in x 11.125 in x 56.75 in (45.72 cm x 28.26 cm x 144.15 cm)

Compatible Viscosity Range:
Non-Flowing Pastes Only

Recommended Spare Parts:
Single-noozle tooling for compule or syringe
T12579   Black amalgon cylinder
T13686   Black amalgon cylinder cap
T15458   Scraper pistons (quantity: 2)

System Features:

  • Dispenses extremely high-viscosity, filled materials
  • Solid-state sensing system controls the amount of fill
  • Includes a forced convection oven to lower material viscosity when needed
  • Fills single syringes and compules
  • Removable cartridge assembly allows materials to be prepared off-line and permits easy storage of materials for future use
  • Quick, convenient changeover of material
  • A stainless steel medical version is available
  • Other customized versions available – details upon request
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