About Tridak

About Us

Tridak® easy-to-use, entry-level filling equipment offers users a dependable, trouble-free alternative to syringe and cartridge hand-filling operations.

Tridak manual and semi-automated filling systems provide quick, repeatable filling in as little as 3-5 seconds and are suited for all industry standard packaging as well as custom-molded syringes and cartridges. Products include syringe fillers, cartridge fillers, and piston inserters that feature adjustable fill speeds and levels and provide fast packaging of single- and dual-component materials. The filling systems utilize disposable fluid path valves providing a solution to problems caused by abrasive materials and cross-contamination when changing out materials.

Entry-level systems are available for laboratories or production facilities that may be currently filling syringes by hand. For higher throughput filling needs, Tridak equipment allows for single operator semi-automated filling and sealing. In addition, systems integrators are available to assist with equipment design and implementation for companies requiring a custom solution for their filling application.

Our equipment is supported with personalized customer and technical service, providing filling operations the resources and knowledge needed to select, install, and maintain the equipment that’s best suited for their application. Rental programs are available to evaluate units on a short-term basis and minimize up-front investments.

Tridak is currently seeking Distributors/Sales Partners for our Filling product line. Please contact us if you’re interested in selling these products for us.

About Tridak

Tridak® bench-top and semi-automated systems for filling cartridges and syringes are easy to use and cost effective. Entry-level systems perfect for laboratories or production facilities that may currently be filling by hand are available as well as higher volume filling models allowing for single operator semi-automated filling and sealing. Tridak systems offer quick, repeatable filling and years of trouble-free service.


Filling Equipment for Dental Composites

Tridak® filling systems help fill a variety of cartridges and syringes with dental materials such as teeth whitening gels, dental composites, and more.


Industrial Market

Tridak® filling systems are ideal for packaging adhesives, lubricants, greases, and other materials in the industrial markets. 


Filling Systems for Pharmaceutical

Consistent fillings of vials, syringes, and cartridges are achievable with the use of Tridak® filling systems. 



Package medical fluids accurately and efficiently with Tridak® syringe filling systems.


Veterinary Market

Tridak® systems fill vials, syringes, cartridges and other packaging materials for veterinary medicine and nutritional supplements. 


Beauty Market

Lotions and other cosmetic materials can be filled in seconds with Tridak® filling systems.


Custom Solutions
Customized Solutions

Tridak® offers assistance and support for applications that require customized solutions.


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