Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer application trials at your facility?

If we aren’t sure if one of our filling systems will work in a specific application, we do have the capability to perform small-scale trial runs at our facility in Torrington, CT.

Are your filling systems suitable for oral or pharmaceutical applications?

Yes, a number of our customers use our equipment in pharmaceutical applications.

What viscosities will work with the filling systems?

Each of our filling systems accepts different viscosity fluids. Refer to the chart below for the viscosities handled by various models.

SystemViscosity Range
Model 1001 Syringe Filler1 – 60,000 cP
Model 1050 Syringe Filler 1 – 60,000 cP
Model 1060 Syringe & Cartridge Filler1-60,000 cP
Model 1200 Syringe Filler1-60,000 cP
Model 2200 Cartridge Filler1-100,000 cP
Model 2400 High-Pressure FillerNon-Flowing Paste


What syringe/cartridge sizes can the systems handle?

Each model differs. Refer to the chart below for specific sizes for each model.

SystemSyringe/Cartridge Size
Model 1050 Syringe Filler<1-60 mL
Model 1200 Syringe FillerUp to 60 mL
Model 2200 Cartridge Filler
20-750 mL
Model 2400 High-Pressure Filler
<1-10 mL


Are Tridak filling systems CE-marked?

Tridak filling systems are currently not CE-marked. We are in the process of applying for CE-marking and plan to CE-mark our Model 1050 system early in 2015, with the Model 2200, piston inserter, and Model 1200 to follow later in 2015. We have no plans to CE mark the Model 2400 high-pressure system at this time.

Can you send me a video of filling our product in syringes/cartridges?

Due to the resources necessary, we are unable to provide a video for every customer’s specific cartridge and product to be filled. We’re developing detailed animations for each of our filling systems to illustrate how they work.

How can I determine the repeatability of the unit?

We would typically recommend testing this by taking an empty syringe, filling as usual, and weighing the filled syringe. This should be done with 10-20 samples to evaluate the mean and standard deviation. Periodic checks as a benchmark are recommended.

Can you heat the material in your system?

The Model 2400 High-Pressure Filling System comes with a built-in heater to improve the flow of very high-viscosity materials. Our other filling systems do not have built-in heaters, but customers can consider using blanket heaters or other methods to heat their material as long as it doesn’t negatively impact the material. The feasibility of a localized heater would need to be validated by the end customer.

What do I need to operate your filling equipment?

Our Model 1050 and 2200 systems and Model 3200 piston inserters operate on compressed air or “shop air”. They do not require electricity to operate. Our Model 1200 and 2400 systems operate on compressed air but also requires electricity to run.

How should I clean my filling system?

Our filling equipment can be wiped down with basic liquid or spray cleaners.

Do you sell air compressors?

We do not, but we can help you select a suitable unit from your local hardware or home-supply store if necessary. Our systems require the air supply to be clean, dry, non-lubricated air capable of operating pressures of 60 – 90 psi.

Are the cartridges sterile?

Our cartridges do not come sterilized but can be sterilized by our customers. Because sterilization methods differ, the cartridges will need to be tested by the customer’s sterilization method to determine if they will hold up over multiple cycles.

What is the return policy for filling equipment?

Our filling systems have no trial period. Any defects are covered under our warranty.

What is the warranty on filling systems?

Filling products carry a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship with proof of purchase date.

Can filling equipment be rented or sold on a trial basis?

Yes. Our Trial Rental/Lease Program is available for filling equipment. Contact your Tridak representative for more information.

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