Material Reservoirs

Material Reservoirs & Pressure Tanks


Pressure Tanks

Feed material into Tridak filling and packaging equipment with any of these pressure tanks. Pressure tanks come in two styles: pour-in and drop in.

Size Part Number
Bottle Drop-In Reservoir
1 Gallon
T17004 | RFQ
5 Gallons
T17859 | RFQ

Pail Drop-In Reservoirs
Accepts up to a 15-liter pail.
10 gallon
T11170 | RFQ
15 gallon
T17880 | RFQ


Reservoir Liner Assemblies

Disposable, lift-out tank liners eliminate clean-up and allow quick and easy material changeover, minimizing downtime. Each assembly includes a tube adapter, liner, follower plate, and cover.

Size Part Number
Reservoir Liner Assemblies
5 Gallon
T10015 | RFQ
10 Gallon
T15337 | RFQ
15 Gallon
T15338 | RFQ

Pour-in and drop-in material reservoirs and pressure tanks, disposable lift-in reservoir liner assemblies.

Material Reservoirs for Packaging Systems
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