Model 2200

Tridak® Model 2200 Cartridge Filling Systems

Accurate and Consistent Filling of Single- & Dual-Component Syringes

CE Marked – Available Globally

Tridak® Model 2200 cartridge filling systems offers accurate, and consistent filling of most single- and dual-component cartridges and syringes. These cartridges and syringes are typically used for packaging epoxies, dental materials, silicones, and pastes. This system is pneumatically operated and features an automatic, operator-initiated fill cycle with adjustable fill speed and level. Model 2200 systems utilize a bottom-up filling process with a special low-clearance nozzle to purge air during the filling process. This provides an accurate fill each time. The systems also incorporate disposable fluid path technology. Materials travel from the reservoir to the fill nozzle through a disposable fluid path, sealing out any contaminates. The fluid path is easy to replace, allowing for the quick changeover of materials.

Systems are most commonly fed from a stainless steel 5-, 10-, or 15-gallon reservoir containing a rigid or flexible polypropylene liner insert. The rigid reservoir liner insert can be treated as a permanent container or can be easily removed and covered to store the materials safely. The flexible liner is disposable, eliminating long-standing problems of clean-up. The system can also be fed from external tanks or drums using optional pumps.

Available System Packages

All systems include the Model 2200 filling system outfitted with a Model 920 swing valve (T15196) and a selected reservoir. Two models are available, the standard model and an extended version. Select system based on fluid package used.

Modified Reservoir Options
5 Gallon Up to 10 Gallon
Standard T10071 RFQ T17870 RFQ T17871 RFQ
Extended T18725 RFQ


Operating Air Pressure:
60-80 psi (0.41-0.55 MPa), 50 micron filtered, non-lubricated, dry air

Compatible Viscosity Range:
1,000 – 100,000 cP

Compatible Sizes:
Cartridges and syringe barrels up to 500 mL
Maximum cartridge height: Standard: 7 in (18 cm) | Extended: 11 in ( 28 cm)
Maximum cartridge/piston diameter: 2.5 in (6.5 cm)

Dimensions* (L x W x H):
Standard: 16.25″ x 16.25″ x 27″ (41.28 cm x 41.28 cm x 68.58 cm)
Extended: 16.25″ x 16.25″ x 33″ (41.28 cm x 41.28 cm x 83.82 cm)
* Dimensions are for the system base without a reservoir attached.

Recommended Spare Parts/Accessories:

T10015  Reservoir Liner Assembly, 5 Gallon
T15337  Reservoir Liner Assembly, 10 Gallon
T10105  Tridak® Standard Piston Inserter with 1 Set of Tooling

System Features:

  • Fills single- and dual-component cartridges and syringes one side at a time to prevent cross contamination
  • Utilizes disposable fluid path valve technology which eliminates cross-contamination and minimizes clean-up and downtime during product changeover
  • All pneumatic operation with automatic fill and shut-off
  • Bottom-up, void-free filling
  • Adjustable fill speed and fill level with consistent accuracy
  • Swing valve assures clean material shut-off and easy access for cleaning
  • Compatible with 5, 10, or 15 gallon reservoirs and can be adapted for feeding from a drum
  • Low cost 5, 10, or 15 gallon quick change polypropylene reservoir insert system that can be treated as permanent containers or, alternatively, can be easily removed to store materials in a safe economic manner
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