Model 1200 Syringe Filling System
Model 1200

Model 1200 Syringe Filling System

The Tridak® Model 1001 bench-top syringe filling system is designed to fill syringes, one at a time, quickly and accurately from a material reservoir with one press of the foot switch. The system is manually loaded and unloaded, making it ideal for low-volume production or as an alternative to filling syringes manually. The Model 830 disposable fluid path valve and quick-change clamping mechanism make material changeover fast and easy while minimizing cross-contamination. This valve also features an adjustable suck-back for accurate, clean cut-off for stringy or tacky materials. The disposable fluid path can be fitted with a series of adapters to fill Luer-Lock and Oral tip syringe types. The Model 1001 is recommended for use with fluids having a viscosity between 1-60,000 cP and can be paired with either a 20 oz or 32 oz material reservoir to accommodate different material package sizes.

Model 1200 Dual-Component Syringe Filler

This syringe filling machine packs two-component materials such as two-part epoxies and resins, into syringes.



  • Pneumatically fills dual-component syringes simultaneously with the same or separate materials
  • Built in electronic PLC controller
  • Dual pressurized cartridge reservoirs
  • Built-in purge system
  • Adjustable fill level, electronically controlled
  • Utilizes disposable fluid path valve technology which eliminates cross-contamination and minimizes clean-up and downtime during product changeover


System Specifications

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Property Specifications
Operating Air Pressure 60 psi (4.1 bar) min / 80 psi (5.5 bar) max
Electrical Power Required 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 29.125 in x 24.125 in x 18.25 in (73.98 cm x 61.28 cm x 46.36 cm)
Compatible Viscosity Range 1 – 60,000 cP

Looking for additional technical specifications? Check out our Resource Library or talk with our technical experts.

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